Career Highlights

  • Yvonne 2016 pic30 years experience specializing in trauma informed care services, PTSD, addiction recovery, supervisory case management, crises management, and advocacy for women and their families.
  • Educational Director, CARE-EDU (Center for Advanced Recovery Education)
  • Certified CADC II, ICADC, NCAC-I
  • CRPS – Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist
  • Domestic Violence- Batterer Intervention
  • Extensive experience working with female addiction and trauma issues
  • Multi-cultural experience working with minority and indigenous people groups
  • 20 years experience with foster care/adoptions systems
  • Ordained minister, pastor on staff at Bethel Church, Redding, CA
  • Speaker and author


Yvonne Martinez is a specialist in addiction and trauma informed training. She is a professional addiction’s counselor with CADC-II, ICADC, NCAC-I and CRPS credentials. She is the educational director of CARE-EDU providing certification education for Addiction Counseling, Pastoral Counselor Development, approved professional
continuing education and trauma informed training.
Yvonne serves as Director of Transformation Center, Bethel Church, Redding, CA, where she helps oversee 32 counselors and Transformation Center’s program development.
As an international conference speaker, she teaches, travels, provides direct services and is the author of 17 books.