• A Guide to Trauma-Informed Care for Professionals and Organizations
  • Trauma-Informed Care in Youth Services
  • Trauma, Sexual Exploitation, and Addictive Self-Harm   (link to e-course)
  • Trauma-Informed Interventions and Treatment of Sexually Exploited Youth
  • I am Brave Workbook for Girls – Activation
  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation – Awareness and Prevention
  • Trauma Response Training for Leaders
  • High Risk Situation Management for Adults or Teens 
  • Basic and Advanced Trauma Resolution
  • Trauma and Addiction Re-Enactment
  • Trauma-Informed Care Training for Professionals and Organizations
  • Trauma-Informed Relapse Prevention Strategies
  • Trauma Impact and Counselor Care
  • Restorative Justice for Survivors
  • Reconciliation and Forgiveness
  • The Body is the Scene of the Crime
  • Sozo for Trauma
  • Sozo for Addiction
  • Compassion Fatigue and Wellness
  • Critical Incident and Crises Debriefing
  • Group Facilitation Training
  • Ethical Leadership
    Others by request

Personal Leadership Development

  • Designed around your team needs

Strategic Ministry Development

  • Designed around your team needs

Professional Schools of Education

  • Advanced Pastoral Counselor Development   (more info)
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling Education ~ CCAPP approved online school   (more info) 
  • Learn about Addiction ~ non-program classes  (more info)

Addiction Professional Continuing Education

​Bethel Sozo and Shabar Training

Personal Ministry

  • To schedule appointments with Yvonne in Redding CA, via telephone or Skype, please email [email protected]
  • Yvonne has a faith-based trauma -nformed professional team ready to travel to your location for personal ministry with your leaders or clients.