Empowering Teens to Self Manage in High Risk Situtions



Empowering Teens to Self Manage in HighRisk Situations

  • Inner Conflict Resolution 
  • Affective Communication 
  • Self-Managing Behavior Alternatives
  • Printable Handouts

Empowering Teens to Self Manage in High Risk Situations will assist parents, teachers, church leaders, school program facilitators, foster parents and anyone who works with teens, to use knowledge and skills to help teens take responsibility for their behavior and choices.

Without an outlet for dealing with their inner emotional worlds in a healthy way, teenagers experience depression and further disconnection from family, making them susceptible to engage in self-destructive behaviors. In fact, experts suggest that over half of today’s adolescent population are likely to engage in one or more problem behavior that puts them at risk including, but not limited to, bullying, lying, stealing, eating-disorders, self-injury, sexual promiscuity, sexual exploitation and/or violence, drug and alcohol abuse, truancy, underachievement, driving recklessly, and running away.




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