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I Am Brave Intl Inc

Your experience isn’t your identity.
Your history isn’t your destiny.

I Am Brave Intl Inc is a non-profit organization providing support and resourses for those at risk,
or who have experinced trauma and sexual explotation.


I am Brave workbook is for women and girls as young as age 8 (available on sites store).
With Holy Spirit inspiration and creative design, the content is interactive and experiential, written in, cut out, reassembled into treasures, and redesigned just like their heart, filled with new courage and hope.

​The presentation of information, concepts, activities, and Kingdom principles used in I am Brave workbooks offer healing for the soul, spirit and the body. Workbooks contain eight modules with 150 pages of interactive lessons, activities, and new experience opportunities connecting the reader to a personal encounter with God. Activities help resolve internal conflict and provide a safe place to stay present and build capacity for authentic relatioship.

~ Restoring Dignity, Identity, and Destiny ~
I am Brave, I am Strong, I am Important, I am Safe, I am Loved, I am Powerful, I am Free, I am Me!

“We know by the statistics that if you take a girl out of prostitution, 96 out of 100 within a year are back in it unless deep, profound care over a lengthy period of time is provided to be able to begin to restore that sense of dignity and future for that child.” -Dan Allendar , author, counselor and former president of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

I am Brave workbooks are available at reduced rates to participants who completed I am Brave leadership training and received
a certificate for completion.

More about CARE-EDU online training ~
Trauma, Sexual Exploitation and Addictive Self Harm Training