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CARE-EDU is a web-based addiction studies program approved by

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Curriculem Overview

Course 1 – Introduction and Overview of Alcohol and Drugs – 48 hours 

Course 2 – Physiology and Pharmacology – 45 hours

Course 3 – Counseling Theories and Techniques – 48 hours 

Course 4 – Case Management – 48 hours 

Course 5 – Law and Ethics – 48 hours 

Course 6 – Personal and Professional Growth – 45 hours

Course 7 – Supervised Practicum 45 hours  and 255 hours Externship

CCAPP require 255 hours of Externship
CADTP requires 160 hours of Externship


 Externship education is supervised by CARE-EDU.
Externship fieldwork experience hours are supervised and
completed at a physical site location or facility.


Total program cost $3145-   

  • Registration fee?  NO
  • Pay for each course individually?  YES! 
  • Discount for  payment in full?  YES!  10% off = $2830.50 with full access
  • $425 per Course(s) 1 through 6 
  • $595 Course 7 Practicum
    • Practicum requires weekly connection with  CARE-EDU Practicum Instructor and includes student transcript generation at the completion of the Program.


Includes all course material.  

  • Optional textbooks for online students:. 
    • $150/Course 1-6 
    • $35/Course 7 Practicum Workbook


Course 1-6 exams are auto scored with online certificate completion generation. Course 7 Practicum assignments are uploaded for supervisor review and scoring.

Online discussion forums will give student opportunity for review, discussion, application, practice, demonstration, role-playing, supplemental teaching material, and when available, live-streaming.

Students have access to administrator and instructor guidance through onsite appointments, internet forums, email or telephone.


*Enroll in CARE-EDU Addiction Studies Program*

(530)710-8810 or (530)262-7142
[email protected]


CARE-EDU web-based program is self-paced and students have
4 years from course enrollment to complete the program.
 CARE-EDU is a CCAPP approved school of education.