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CARE-EDU combines clinical experience and optional faith-based therapies to enhance treatment and life-changing objectives. After an initial assessment, treatment plans utilize individualized client-centered, evidence-based, and trauma-informed modalities including:

Relapse Prevention – Treatment addresses the unique set of beliefs that perpetuate  triggers and cycles of addictive process as well as the identifying productive ways to manage emotions, anxiety, high-risk and self-harming behaviors.

Family Systems – Treatment includes individual and family sessions to increase awareness, insight and creatively searches for the greater values and contribution of each family member to promote resiliency and recovery.

Strengths-Based – Emphasis is placed on “what’s right with you.”  Strengths-based therapies help identify personal strengths and how they can be successfully managed to develop personal identity.

Trauma-Care – Addressing unresolved trauma is an important part of the recovery and healing process. Individual assessment results are considered and incorporated into our overall treatment plan.

Experiential – Experiential therapies may include art, creative writing, bodywork, Sozo prayer, and/or equine therapy.

Discharge Coordination – At the time of discharge, clients are provided with support and tools to successfully navigate their commitments and re-entry to a new life.

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