Trauma-Informed Training and Care for Survivors
Professional Addiction Certification Education
Continuing Education Provider
Addiction Recovery ~ Relapse Prevention
Pastoral Counselor Development


CARE-EDU (Center for Advanced Recovery Education) is committed to provide professional education, training, and support services to professionals, recovery workers,  service providers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and ministries to help survivor’s access strength to resolve internal conflict, manage high-risk situations, and end the cycles of  victimization and addictive self-harm.

We offer trauma-informed training (with faith-based options) and direct services to those struggling in the aftermath of sexual abuse/exploitation, unresolved  traumatic experience, and cycles of addiction/addictive self-harm.

You can access keys of restoration
for soul, body, and spirit.
You can help survivors to have a new life.

 Yvonne Martinez is Educational Director for CARE-EDU providing CCAPP Addiction Counseling Education, Pastoral Counselor Development, and professional trauma-informed training. She is on staff with Transformation Center, Bethel Church, Redding, CA. and the CEO of Shasta Blue Sky. Yvonne is an ordained minister with CADC-CS, ICCS, ICADC, CADC II, NCAC I, CRPS credentials and the author of 23 books.