Center for Advanced Recovery Education is committed
to provide professional education, training,
and direct support services to end cycles of
unresolved traumatic experience, addiction,
and addictive self-harm.

Professional Trauma-Informed Training
CCAPP and CADTP Addiction Certification Education
Continuing Education Provider
Pastoral Counselor Development
Addiction Recovery and Relapse Prevention
Trauma and Addiction Counseling
Trauma and Addiction Recovery Intensive Outpatient

        CARE-EDU is a subsidiary of I Am Brave Intl inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation 

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SAMSHA statistics indicate that 90% of mental health problems and 80% of addiction is rooted in unresolved trauma.  Shasta Blue Sky combines traditional modalities and faith-based therapies to help resolve the recurring patterns of unresolved trauma and addictive cycles.

Shasta Blue Sky

  • Outpatient trauma and addiction recovery 
  •  Intensive outpatient trauma and addiction recovery

Yvonne’s 2019 Events

February 26 – Bethel Church, School of Supernatural Ministry RGP’s, Redding CA
February 27 – Bethel Church, School of Supernatural Ministry 2nd yr, Redding CA
March 5  – Bethel Church, School of Supernatural Ministry 1st yr, Redding CA
March 11 -YWAM, Redding CA
April 19-21 – Epic Center, Global Legacy Connection, Bend Oregon
July  27-28- True North Church, Topeka Kansas
August 16-19 – Center City Church, Center City NC
September 28-30 – Bethel UK Sozo Conference, Milton Keynes UK
October 4-6 – Marseille, France
September/October – ACE’s training equip class, Bethel Church, Redding, CA
November 6-8- International Sozo Summit Conference, Redding CA

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What’s new at CARE-EDU?

Trauma-Informed Interventions and Treatment of Sexually Exploited Youth.  

Learn about Addiction and Substance Abuse.  Choose only the topics you are interested in learning about without the obligation of a full program commitment.

A Message from Yvonne~
The war against alcohol and drug addiction is a fight for restoration of the human heart.
Everyone who has loved or lived with an addict knows the brokenness and pain inside the life of the addict and family. Recovery changes a life, a family, a city, a society and a culture. When we help one person, we help everyone.